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Welcome to the retro-geek World of Kitschstock.com!

We are a retro-vintage, geek chic & kitsch art studio, based in the UK, specialising in creating mid century & vintage style, off-beat photo images & illustrations - for licensing, publishing & retail use.  Our studio works with a wide range of retail & commercial clients, creates bespoke artwork for publishing & sub-licenses images for commercial use... as well as owning a huge archive of retro & vintage imagery, which is created/owned by us. Whatever you have in mind... we can create it!

Need something special for a project?  Then get in touch and see how we can help?  Retro retail development, publishing, packaging, display/wall art, licensing, marketing and digital ... we are here to help!  At Kitschstock we go the extra mile to knock your socks off.  With over 25 years experience, we can confidently deliver astounding results for each and every client. Fast, refreshingly creative and on budget every time!  Contact us for creative help or buy and download our ready-made artwork to use in your projects...

Editor's Choice

Atomic space ray gun - retro vintage photo illustration
Atomic Telly - kitsch retro atom TV photo illustration
Futuristic Microphone - retro vintage space age recording device photo illustration
Holy Flying Saucers! - retro vintage UFO illustration
Shattaline Lamp kitsch retro photo illustration
Retro eighties personal computing illustration
Space age TV - retro vintage futuristic sixties television illustration
Starburst clock photo illustration
Top cat and tails - retro vintage Victorian kitten photo illustration
TV dinner retro vintage advertising photo illustration
Typing pool - retro vintage office typewriter photo illustration
When Bayko Met Ladybird- retro vintage house construction illustration
Atomic Housewife- retro vintage mid century all-American housewife illustration
Cuddly Viking - retro vintage collectible wooden toy advert illustration
Vintage computer eighties personal computing illustration
Coffee Pot - retro vintage studio MCM ceramic coffee jug photo
Festive glass casserole dish - retro vintage pyrex cooking kitchen container photo illustration
Molecular Einstein - retro vintage e=mc2 atomic illustration
Going all geometric - retro vintage mid century fifties dotscreen pattern design illustration
Mid century genie bottles - MCM glassware vases retro vintage photo illustration
Sharp shooter - retro vintage wild west hand gun sidearm art
Computer terminal retro vintage business computing illustration
Kitchen chic! - MCM plastic containers tea coffee sugar retro vintage advertising
Nice nails! - retro vintage mid century manicure beauty salon hand illustration