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Welcome to retro-geek Kitschstock Creative Studio and Stock Image Library!

We are a retro-vintage, geek chic & kitsch art studio and stock image library, based in the UK, specialising in creating mid century, kitsch & vintage style graphic design, photo images & illustrationOur studio works with retail & commercial clients, creating a diverse range of creative solutions for retail development, publishing, packaging, licensing, display/wall art, style guides, marketing & digital.  As well as owning a huge retro-vintage image library for purchase & download, which is also available to those we work with.

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Stock images

TV dinner retro vintage tray macaroni cheese meal isolated on colour background photo - stock image
Vintage Television - retro space age rocket launch photo illustration - stock image
Vintage labeller retro eighties advert - name tag gun rainbow photo illustration - stock image
Vintage doll bottle top- retro vintage woman drink stopper - stock image
Vintage MCM woman sunbathing on lounger - retro repeat americana - stock image
Vintage salt and pepper- retro mid century culinary cafe seasoning - stock image
Vintage mid century street scene - urban flower bed mcm fifties - stock image
Vintage festive Elf & deer - retro vintage Christmas yuletide fairy elven - stock image
Vintage Air Travel- retro vintage mid century aviation plane illustration - stock image
Vintage X-ray hand skeleton - retro vintage medical science design - stock image
Vintage wedding happy couple atmospheric grainy mid century photo  - stock image
Vintage personal computer with rainbow computing illustration  - stock image
TV keeps repeating itself - MCM retro vintage television illustration - stock image
Vintage computer eighties personal computing illustration
Typing pool - retro vintage office typewriter photo illustration
TV dinner retro vintage tray frank and beans meal isolated on colour background photo - stock image
The good dog owner - retro vintage mid century canine saintly pet scotty terrier - stock image
Mantel carriage clock blues - retro vintage sixties homewares photo illustration
Telecom retro communications - telephone exchange retro vintage photo illustration - stock image
TV dinner retro vintage advertising photo illustration
Space frequency - retro vintage kitsch lunar planet illustration - stock image
Television room repeats - kitsch retro vintage living room - stock image
Mid century smoking table lighter prism retro advertising - vintage cigarette - stock image
Mid century radio - retro sales vintage portable analogue music - stock image
Nature spirit stone carving retro garden atomic photo illustration - stock image